Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter brings new life and new beginnings

It was through sheer luck that I learned the sad plight of this adorable family.

Their owners moved away suddenly and left them behind. Luckily a city employee lived across the street and was able to save them from the road before something tragic happened. They were held at the city impound kennel, awaiting a sad fate if the owner's didn't reclaim them.

I had heard the pups crying a few nights before but couldn't find them. I rushed over to the kennel to meet them and fell completely in love.

A few email and phone calls later we had confirmation of rescue and today I was able to get them out of jail.

All have had baths and are relaxing in the yard. Buster, our other foster dog, has appointed himself "Uncle" and is busy supervising playtime. The pups will be spayed and neutered next week and on their way to adoptions.

Thank you DRAR, you rock!