Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shelter Showdown for MOAS

What an amazing time! I never expected to be petting a camel or zebra when I woke up yesterday morning and started my day. The petting zoo was a big hit with kids of all ages. There were ponies and horses, a lamb, goats, bunnies, and a goose as well.

A shout out to Dr. Kelly Lockerman and the seniors from Athens Tech Vet Club for doing the rabies clinic as well as physical exams on the shelter dogs. Lily pouted when you left, just thought you should know!

Our Lily loved every minute of the day getting dressed up and showing off for the crowd. What a silly little girl she is.

To see more of Lily's adorable outfits, click the pictures above. The remaining photos should be up soon, so be sure to check the website.Visit to view some of the adorable adoptables available at the shelter. Don't buy whiles others die, adopt a pet instead!

We got to meet some fantastic pets for our glamor pet photos. Penny the Bulldog was such a ham, I don't think she wanted to leave!

As sad as it is, even at a shelter fundraiser, I still met so many people that were "breeders" or planned to breed their dogs. With so many animals being put to a senseless death each year, why do people think that letting their pets have babies is a good thing? Each dog or cat is one of a kind. Just because you have a great dog with a wonderful temperament doesn't mean that her puppies will be just like her. They aren't clones! Just because a dog is "purebred" doesn't mean that you need to breed it. Go online to sites like, or better yet visit your local shelter. See the beautiful dogs and cats that risk being killed because someone thought "just one litter won't hurt."